Big Al's Country Club

6131 E Seltice Way
Stateline, ID 83854
(208) 777-8312

Most fun you have with your boots on.

Big Al's Country Club (Formally Kelly's) is the area's largest honky tonk. Okay, I honestly couldn't hang there more than a once a year and the band has got to be good one or forget it.

If you are looking to relive the Kelly's days, The Kelly Hughes band does still occasionally play there. Now and then a Marlboro man type will show up and you'll think you CAN do country. You can't count on that, so go with a big group and whoop it up.

There's dance lessons and bar games ( keg races, hoops for beer). Let's face it without a drink, its hard to ride the mechanical bull and it only looks sexy in movies.
So my vote is to laugh at everybody else doing it and take a pass.


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