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West 621 Mallon Street (In the historic Flour Mill)
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 328-5965

New Updated Post: November 2008

Dear Clinkerdaggers (again)

Just like a no-good, yet oh-so familiar ex-boyfriend, I returned to you for one last night in a moment of weakness. I know, I know - in my last review I said I was moving on, don't call me, were through.But after returning to the scene of the crime, quite possible my last review was a tad bit harsh. Maybe an old dog doesn't need new tricks. After all this time, you still got it going on and yes, you left me more than just a little satisfied.So you had a few off nights. It could happen to anyone. Who was I too sum up our whole relationship based on a couple slips from greatness.Besides you can truly say you knew me when.

Here is a checklist of your smooth moves:
Greeted by a cozy fireplace to set the mood. Check
Low lights, tucked away in a corner tables. Check
Attentive service without hovering. Check
Unmatched view of the Falls and el fresco option. Check Check.
Great food, hand shaken top-shelf signature cocktails. Check. Check.

I guess, I thought I wanted something new and different.But they don't know me like you do. You do have some good moves and they still get me.I am sorry. I should have known better. I will definitely be back.
See ya soon, XOXO Laurie R.

Side notes: I now believe (again) - Unless your with a total goober, you can't go wrong going there on a date.Just like half the population in Spokane, you may have gone to Clink's on prom night. But unlike that dress or that 'do - Clinkerdaggers is timeless and always in style. Pssst....Its best not to show those pictures to just anyone.

Original Post: July 2008

Dear Clinkerdaggers,

It makes me sad to discover you've lost your luster.
I have so many fond memories of the hand shaken margaritas on the great deck over looking the Falls.
I could always count on you for wonderful food and impeccable service. You were my number one go-to place for special occasions. Even with all the new temptations in town, I stayed pretty loyal.
But that was so last year and I've strayed.
We are so over. You're just not the same.
It's definitely YOU, not me. I can do sooo much better.

p.s. Don't call me, I've moved on.

***Clinkerdaggers is a CLINK CLANK CLUNK

(Excerpts published in Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living November 2008, Best of...)


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