Bonsai Bistro (Cda)

101 Sherman Ave.
Coeur d'Alene, ID
(208) 765-4321

Slide over, you PF Chang lettuce wraps, here comes something tastier. Bonsai Bistro, located across the street from the boat-centric Coeur d'Alene Resort, takes the lettuce wrap when it comes to Pan-Asian cuisine. Long before PF was Changing into our region, Bonsai Bistro had loyal customers flowing through the doors. The food strikes the right balance between packing a powerful punch of flavor, and not leaving you longing for a turbo pack of breath mints. It is saturated with pure flavor, a little bit of kick and fresh ingredients. A word of warning: the sweet and sour comes with a zesty dose of ginger, which you'll either love or hate. The Mu Shu Chicken is delicious and worth the trip alone. If you are really lucky, you can wash it down with a Huckleberry lemon drop while sitting on the island in the middle of the restaurant and asking PF Who?


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