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Home Stories - White Rock, BC

HOME STORIESWhite Rock, with more sunshine than any other spot in BC's Lower Mainland, is almost picture-perfect, with beautiful beaches, a promenade that runs for 2.5km along the beach-front and a 1,500 ft. iconic pier as the symbol of this quaint city known for its English-style Fish‘n Chips with vinegar. Located adjacent to the US/Canada border, White Rock is a short half hour drive south of the metropolitan city of Vancouver, BC.The community of White Rock is named for the very large white rock on the beach. Legend has it, that a Sea God’s son fell in love with a Cowichan Indian Maiden. The star-crossed lovers after having their relationship rejected by both of their fathers, vowed to find a new uncharted place to call home.The Sea God’s son on seeing the big white rock, picked it up and threw it across Georgia Strait. Then along with his Cowichan princess, they followed the rock to begin a new life and a new tribe in what is now known as White Rock. 

Wine Review - William Hill Hooray 4 Chardonnay 

We have a match! Truth be known, Chardonnay is not my favorite grape. I’m not exclusively red but when I drink white it’s typically in warmer months and I prefer a dry Riesling or a soft Sauv Blanc. However, some of my dearest friends drink Chardonnay exclusively, so I’m always on the lookout for remarkable ones to have with them. I’ve learned from this quest that you can’t rule out entire varietal. There’s just too much diversity from the terroir and winemaking style not to find something that matches your palate. This 2015 William Hill Estate Chardonnay is definitely a bottle I want to spend more time with. When Angels Gather: This beautiful bottle of Chardonnay was handed to me as I exited a wine writers conference last month in Walla Walla #wbc18 Last night we opened it to rave reviews. Smooth and luxurious, the 2015 #WilliamHill Estate Napa Valley Chardonnay has a long, lingering finish. Complex, layered flavors of tropical fruit, lemon, apple, and pear blend seamlessly with hint…

Maryhill Winery Spokane turns 1! Let's raise a glass and celebrate it.

Maryhill Winery is celebrating the first anniversary of its Spokane tasting room on this upcoming November 17th - Guess what? YOU'RE INVITED!

The celebration will be from 1 to 4 p.m. Owners Craig and Vicki Leuthold will kick off the event with the ultimate party trick - a sparkling saber toast. The festivities include a wonderful wine sale, live music and pizza from David's Pizza

The afternoon soirée is also an opportunity to SIP with purpose as Maryhill plans to donate $5 for every bottle of wine sold during the event to Spokane Fantasy Flight. This worthy cause partners with Alaska Airlines to take about 60 under-privileged children on a holiday-themed plane ride to the "North Pole" complete with presents, carols and about 300 elves.

All proceeds donated will go toward stuffing stockings for Spokane Fantasy Flight. For more info about Spokane Fantasy Flight, visit This truly is a magical, memory making event for the children, as w…

Art Matters - Christy Branson 

Life is short, buy the ART! We bought a "Baby Branson" at Marmot Art Space in Kendall Yards"Flowers In The Garden 2" is one of the smaller pieces - 12" x 12" - by encaustics artist Christy Branson Art. There are much larger pieces available - Heart ♥️ be still.Christy Branson is a passionate local artist whose creates encaustic and mixed media art. Encaustic art is a rarely used process involving beeswax, resin, pigment and oil. Branson’s take on this ancient art form is distinctly modern. I adore this new addition to our local art collection. Thank you Christy! #LOVE #fangirling #buylocal #ARTisonMyBucketList

Write 4 Wine: Upcoming virtual tasting, Rías Baixas Albariño 

Life’s fast, sip slow. Perks of being a wine writer. Thank you Rias Baixas Wines for the special delivery. Watch for my virtual tasting and response to these intriguing wines from Spain on Sip of Spokane 🍷Winemaking in Rías Baixas dates back thousands of years, but only during the past few decades has the region established a global reputation as a producer of top quality wines from its signature grape, Albariño. Salud! 
#wine #spain #albariño #write4wine

A Cup of Kindness at BOOTS Bakery & Lounge, Spokane, WA.

That morning was like so many others - I was running late and frazzled that the coffee drive-thru was annoyingly slow. Fumbling through my handbag, I realized my wallet hadn't made the trip. I pulled up to the window, counting out loose change when the barista informed me the car in front of me paid my bill. Grateful and shocked, I dumped the change in tip jar and blissfully drove away. That random act of kindness turned around what started as a less than stellar day.  That one cup of kindness brought such joy that years later, I'm telling you about it. 

     Let's say I didn't just forget my wallet through, and the coffee I craved wasn't financially possible. How much more would I appreciate each sip? Kindness comes in many forms. It can be random acts done anonymously, specific acts done with intention, boldly with fanfare or quietly from the heart. The list goes on, but one thing is constant, kindness has the a ripple effect and apparently can come in a cup.